How to Identify a Delta Kitchen Faucet Model?

identify a delta kitchen faucet model

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This guide will help you identify a delta kitchen faucet model. Having the model number of your kitchen faucet is essential if you need to make repairs or replace parts. If you’re unsure of how to locate this information, don’t worry – it’s a relatively simple process.

Delta is renowned for its diverse range of products, which includes countless lines of faucets. While this variety is beneficial, it can make it challenging to identify the exact make and model of your kitchen faucet.

Steps to Identify a Delta kitchen faucet model:

Check packaging or instruction manual

Locating the model number, instruction manual, and packaging is crucial when it comes to maintaining or repairing your product. To do so, you may need to conduct a thorough search of the packaging materials or the product itself, and consult the instruction manual to ensure you have the correct information. With these details, you can easily identify the appropriate replacement parts or troubleshoot any issues you encounter with your product.

Don’t Have The Manual Or Packaging?

In case you are unable to locate the manual, you can search for it on the company’s website. However, this option is only available for newer models that have been manufactured within the last five years. By utilizing the website’s resources, you can obtain the necessary information to troubleshoot any problems or order replacement parts for your product.

Have An Older Model?

If you own an older Delta product that is more than a few years old, it may not be possible to find your specific model number using the company’s online product tool. In such cases, you may have to conduct a more extensive search online to find the information you need. For instance, if you own a faucet 20 years, you need to look up the product details on other websites. Another option is to seek assistance from customer support representatives to identify your faucet model.

Do all Delta Faucets Use the Same Cartridges?

While Delta valves are considered universal, some confusion may arise as the company lists several model numbers on its website. However, the majority of customers will require either the R10000-UNBX or R10000-UNWS valve models. Those valve models are widely used and suitable for almost everyone. These valve options are commonly recommended and are likely to meet the needs of nearly 99% of users.

Is Delta Faucets Lifetime Warranty?

Delta guarantees all components and finishes of its faucets, except for electronic parts and batteries, to be free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser of the faucet owns the home where the product was first installed. In commercial settings, the warranty period is ten years for multi-family residential applications and five years for all other commercial applications, starting from the date of purchase. Multi-family residential applications refer to purchases by individuals who own but do not reside in the property where the faucet was installed, such as rented or leased single or multi-unit homes, condominiums, apartments, or community living centers.


In conclusion, identifying your Delta kitchen faucet model is essential when you need to repair or replace parts. Fortunately, Delta provides several ways to help you find the model number, including the instruction manual, and packaging. If you can’t find the model number using these methods, contact their customer service team for assistance. Knowing the model number will help ensure that you purchase the correct replacement parts and avoid any potential compatibility issues. With this guide, you should be able to identify your Delta kitchen faucet model, and keep your faucet functioning properly for years to come.

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