A Complete Guide on How to Clean A Faucet Aerator: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

how to clean a faucet aerator

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Faucets play an essential role in our daily lives, and we rely on them to provide us with fresh water. However, over time, minerals and debris can build up in the aerator leading to clogs, poor water flow, and even leaks. So, it’s essential to take care of and clean faucet aerators to extend their lifespan and ensure the quality of the water we use. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to clean a faucet aerator effectively, including tips and tricks to make the process more manageable.

How to Clean A Faucet Aerator?

Step 1: Remove the aerator

First and foremost, before cleaning your faucet aerator, you need to know if it is removable. Not all faucets have a removable aerator, so it’s critical to check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to do so. If you have a removable aerator, unscrew it gently from the faucet spout. Hold the aerator carefully to avoid losing any small pieces or parts that may fall out during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Soak the aerator in vinegar

White vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent that you can use for various cleaning tasks in your home, including cleaning your faucet aerator. Fill a container (e.g., a plastic cup or baggie) with enough white vinegar to cover the aerator completely. Soak the aerator in the vinegar for 30 minutes or more, depending on how severe the buildup is. The vinegar’s acidity will work to dissolve any mineral deposits that have accumulated on the aerator.

Step 3: Scrub the aerator

After soaking the aerator in vinegar, it’s time to scrub off any remaining debris. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a small cleaning brush to reach any tight spots or crevices. Be gentle while scrubbing the aerator to avoid damaging the parts. Rinse the aerator thoroughly with water to remove any remaining vinegar and debris.

Step 4: Reattach the aerator

Once you’ve cleaned the aerator, attach it back to the faucet spout. Screw it in place but don’t overtighten it, as this can damage the aerator. Turn on the hot and cold water to check the water flow and remove any remaining debris that may have dislodged during installation.

Step 5: Maintenance

Keeping your faucet aerator clean doesn’t have to be a daunting task. One surefire way to keep the aerator in good condition is to clean it regularly. Once every three months is a good timeframe to follow. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning tools that can damage the aerator’s components.

Common FAQ

Does white vinegar clean a faucet aerator?

Yes, white vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent that dissolves mineral deposits effectively. Its acidity makes it an excellent cleaner for a variety of surfaces and household items.

How long to soak the aerator in vinegar?

Soak the aerator in white vinegar for at least 30 minutes. In severe cases, leave it to soak for longer to ensure that all the mineral deposits dissolve. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a small cleaning brush to scrub the aerator after soaking.

Do all faucets have removable aerators?

Not all faucets have removable aerators, and it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to detach them. If you cannot remove the aerator, you can still clean it using a vinegar-soaked cloth or by pouring vinegar into the faucet spout and letting it sit for a while before rinsing.


Keeping your faucet aerator clean is essential to maintain the quality of the water and prolong its lifespan. Regular cleaning using white vinegar is easy and effective in dissolving mineral deposits that clog up the system. Remember to be gentle while cleaning to avoid damaging the aerator’s components, and clean it regularly for optimum performance. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be a pro at cleaning faucet aerators in no time!

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