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Let’s be honest. Your kitchen is the most integral place in your house. Particularly, your kitchen faucet is utilized for all kitchen cleaning activities, whether it’s dishwashing, meal preparing raw foods, or other tasks.

If you are remodeling your kitchen or simply seeking to make some changes, one of the ideal upgrades you can go for is a touchless kitchen faucet.

Compared to traditional models, these faucets do not need you to touch the handle to operate them, helping you prevent unnecessary exposure to bacteria, grime, and germs. On top of that, they help you save on energy and water, making them eco-friendly additions to your home.

Kraus is a well-known brand that offers a variety of touchless kitchen faucets with touchless operation and touchless sensor commercial pull. Their commercial-style faucets are designed to be operated without the need to touch the faucet itself. Instead, they use a touchless sensor function that allows the user to turn the water on and off with just a wave of their hand.

Kraus’s other commercial-style faucets typically feature a sleek and modern design. The generous spout height offers ample clearance for larger pots and pans. They also often have dual-function spray switches that allow the user to switch between a powerful stream and a gentle spray. Some models have a 360-degree swivel spout height. This feature allows the user to reach all areas of the sink.

This type of kitchen faucet is becoming increasingly popular because it can help to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in the kitchen. They are also convenient to use and can make cooking and cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. It completely offers professional functionality.

The 3 Best Kraus Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Are you now ready to know my best recommendation? Well, here it is!

1.     Kraus 1610 Bolden Touchless Sensor

Kraus Bolden Faucet
Kraus Bolden Faucet

The Kraus Bolden Touchless Sensor faucet features a sleek and modern design with a high arc spout that offers plenty of clearance for larger pots and pans. It also has a touchless sensor that allows you to easily turn the water on and off with just a wave of your hand.

The dual-function spray head is the product’s specialty, allowing you to reach the bottom of the kitchen sink and the edges more effectively. The sprayer features two dual-function sprayer switches: spray for rinsing off after cleaning and stream for filling water. It’s also made from premium components for more extended use. This kitchen faucet also has independent docking arm swings.

The 18-inch height makes it fit under nearly all kitchen cabinets. You see, installing this hands-free sensor faucet does not need implementing any further adjustments in your kitchen cabinets.

The high-arc industrial open coil spout takes it one step forward to the distinctive professional look. That remarkable creativity is rare among other commercial-style kitchen faucets.  

Kraus KSF-1610SFS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single Handle 18-Inch Kitchen Faucet, Spot Free Stainless Steel


  • Durable
  • Smart hands-free activation
  • Easy to clean


  • The paint started peeling

2.     KRAUS Oletto Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

KRAUS Oletto Faucet
KRAUS Oletto Faucet

This KRAUS Oletto Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet has a modern and elegant design, with a high arc spout that provides ample clearance for larger pots and pans. It also has a touchless sensor and a dual-function spray head that allows you to switch between a powerful stream and a gentle spray.

This faucet has a modern and sleek design that fits smoothly in any kitchen space. Also, it has a pre-installed water supply line, so you don’t need to drill holes in your wall before installing it. All you must do is connect the supplied hose to the faucet and turn it on!

On top of that, the faucet also provides a dual-function sprayer head that enables you to switch between an aerated stream for smooth everyday washing and a strong spray for heavy-use applications.

Therefore, whether you are using it to rinse dishes, wash raw foods, or make pasta sauce, you have the option to switch between the two functions. How cool is that?

Another awesome thing that sets this kitchen faucet is its color. It’s available in a wide array of finishes. Compared to plastic cartridges, this lasts longer and offers better performance. They also need less frequent replacements, saving you money and helping you prevent plumbing issues down the road.

KRAUS Oletto Touchless Sensor Pull-Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet in Spot-Free Stainless Steel, KSF-2830SFS


  • Dual-function spray head
  • Smart handle design
  • Hassle-free installation


  • Some parts are made of plastic

3.     KRAUS Britt Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

KRAUS Britt Faucet
KRAUS Britt Faucet

The KRAUS Britt Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet is a cool and compact touchless faucet featuring a unique and captivating industrial look. The massive spout height offers unique features that make it stand out from most other similar models.

KRAUS Britt also features a flexible commercial pull-down single spray head that makes everyday cleaning easy, as it swivels 180 degrees to guarantee a maximum range of motion and full coverage of the kitchen sink.

Another reason to choose KRAUS Britt Faucet is that it has a touchless sensor commercial pull operation that does not require you to turn it off or on. Wave your hand or an object close to the sensor, and you’re good to go.  

It also comes in different finishes, including a faucet in matte black, brushed black, stainless steel, and champagne bronze. It’s also made with a corrosion-resistant, durable material that is simple to keep clean. To install this faucet, you only need to use the pre-attached water lines and provided hardware, and you will get this convenient faucet set up in no time!

Kraus KPF-1691MB Britt 2nd Gen Commercial Style Pull-Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet, Matte Black


  • Stylish and sturdy
  • It can eliminate stubborn residue
  • Modern design


  • The position of the faucet in matte black can be better


Q: Who makes Kraus faucets?

Kraus is a company that designs and manufactures a wide variety of home fixtures and appliances, including kitchen and bathroom faucets. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in the United States. Kraus is known for producing high-quality, innovative, and affordable products that are designed to meet the needs of homeowners and contractors.

Kraus’s products are distributed through a network of dealers and distributors across North America, and the company has established a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and support. They are committed to providing the best quality products and customer service and are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve their products.

Q: What grade of stainless steel does Kraus use?

Kraus uses T-304 stainless steel in the construction of their faucets. T-304 stainless steel is a type of steel composed of a combination of iron and other elements, including carbon, nickel, and chromium. This type of steel is known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to maintain its appearance over time.

T-304 stainless steel is considered a high-grade stainless steel. It’s one of the most widely used and versatile stainless-steel alloys. It’s often found in many applications, including kitchen and bathroom fixtures, appliances, and construction materials. Due to its high resistance to corrosion and staining, it’s ideal for use in faucets, particularly kitchen faucets, which are exposed to water, heat, and cleaning agents.

Kraus’s T-304 stainless steel faucets are durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. They’re also resistant to discoloration and stains, ensuring that the faucet will maintain its sleek and shiny appearance for years to come.

Q: What things should you consider when buying a Kraus touchless faucet?

When choosing a touchless kitchen faucet, consider the following factors:

  • Sensor accuracy: Look for a faucet with a high-precision sensor that can detect your hand or an object without fail. It’s also good to consider a faucet with the optional mechanical operation.
  • Response time: Choose a faucet with a quick response time so that the water starts flowing as soon as you place your hand or an object under the spout.
  • Water flow rate: Look for a high faucet to ensure a steady stream of water.
  • Power source: Some touchless faucets are operating with a battery, while an AC adapter powers others. Consider which option is more convenient for your needs.
  • Design and finish: Touchless faucets come in various styles and finishes, so choose one that complements the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.
  • Brand reputation: Research the brand and its reputation for quality and customer service before purchasing.
  • Price: Touchless faucets can vary, so set a budget and stick to it.

Q: Is Kraus a good faucet brand?

Kraus is a well-known brand of faucets and other kitchen and bathroom fixtures. They are known for producing high-quality products and have professional functionality optimized at a reasonable price point. Many customers have reported satisfaction with their Kraus faucets, citing their durability and attractive designs.

However, as with any brand, individual product reviews may vary. Read reviews, check warranties and compare with other brands before making a decision.

Q: Which is better touch or touchless kitchen faucet?

With a touchless faucet, you can have water at your fingertips without the mess – no more accidentally turning it on or off with one too many hand waves! If control is what you’re after, then nothing beats a traditional touch-activated tap. Either way, make sure to explore all your options for easy access and uninterrupted H2O flow.

Final Thoughts

All the hands-free activation faucets mentioned above are high-quality and well-reviewed. It’s recommended to check the features, design, and price that best fits your needs and budget before making a final decision.

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